About Us

Flexsol - SRK Tele Energy India Private Limited which is a legal entity name is a private organization established in Year 2004. We have transitioned from a tech reseller in our first orbit into a credible “smart metal” provider in our second orbit starting in 2013. As a part our further strengthening our focus , we are currently transforming into a unique blend of “metal+software” in our third orbit. We design, engineer and manufacture smart infrastructure with mounting solution for 3G, 4G and 5G telecommunication solution. Our ability to pair engineering design and manufacturing keeps us different from traditional players in the market. We are global OEM for Ericsson and Nokia for smart pole segment. Our deployment footprint spans over 20 countries backed by an unrelenting focus on innovation, quality and efficiency.


Our 60000 sq. ft of manufacturing and integration space allows for fabrication, welding, camouflage manufacturing, finishing, assembly and testing. We can quickly and efficiently direct you to product solution that meet your project’s unique deployment needs.

Our Team

S. Radhakrishnan
Founder, MD & CEO

S. Radhakrishnan, Civil Engineer by profession, is an industry veteran with an in-depth understanding of the telecom, energy & infrastructure industry and 30+ years of experience of designing & developing customized solutions for customers across the globe. He started his career as an engineer with a construction company and later worked with global equipment major – Ericsson, before moving on to set up SRK Tele Energy with brand name Flexsol. Under his visionary leadership and guidance, the company has become a pioneer in passive telecom infrastructure and is the exclusive design & development partner and supplier for major network equipment gear manufacturers for smart passive infra globally.

Sameer Sinha
Sameer Sinha

Sameer has 25+ years of experience in technology, telecom infrastructure and energy industries. He has extensive experience in business management, sales, marketing and business development. He has built and managed multi-billion-dollar businesses and has hands-on experience of successfully running and growing these businesses.

He has been with Ericsson (12 years) and Indus Towers (8 years) in senior management roles. He has Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Telecommunication) from NIT, Jaipur, and MBA from Podar Institute of Management, Jaipur. He has also done Advanced Management Program from Columbia Business School, New York.

Akshay Shrivastava
Akshay Shrivastava

Mr. Akshay Shrivastava seasoned banker and a finance leader with a high degree of commercial acumen and business flair, demonstrated through a record of achievement. An adaptable individual who offers significant strategic management experience, outstanding financial expertise, strong troubleshooting skills, a proven ability to restructure and optimise resources and commitment to perform quality work and to add tangible value to the organization.

A long track record of devising and implementing highly effective financial reports and MIS solutions with the objective of providing the senior management team with greater transparency across every aspect of a large, complex organisation’s operations. These more meaningful financial reports have resulted in increased accountability from individual business units and ultimately have led to improved productivity and profitability. Setup trade finance for the mid markets for ABN Amro Bank Mid Markets team , China Trust Bank.

vignesh kumar flexsol
Vignesh Kumar
Sales, Business Development & Strategy

Vignesh Kumar has experience in the field of Telecom infra sales & business development of more than 10 years In his previous assignment, he worked with IsonTechnology & Zamil Infra Pvt. Ltd as a part of Global Sales in IT and Telecom Passive Infra solution. The combined Experience is being used as an add on advantage to create a new strategy and business lines. He is a Bachelors in Technology holder in Information Technology stream from Anna University, Chennai


Jaisankar is a dynamic professional with more than two decades of experience in infrastructure management, B2B, organizational dynamics, project management and information systems. He is adept in IT infrastructure management with experience of establishing vendor networks, forging strategic alliances and partnerships. His strengths lie in setting up and managing IT operations, application support. stom designing solutions for applications & troubleshooting for complex information systems management.

Climate Change

We are committed to fight to protect our earth from carbon emission

As Per SME Climate Hub we fulfil our commitment to recalibrate our existing targets to align with a 1.5°C global warming scenario. So We are actively working with our supply chain partners or eco-partners to reduce environmental impacts and carbon emissions. Circular thinking is also a key aspect of our approach. Circularity is about working efficiently to avoid waste generation. As a manufacturer, we are committed to implementing a circular economy approach in our business. Flexsol actively working on material efficiency standards, including detailed requirements on design for recycling, reuse, and recovery.

Renewable Energy: Flexsol has been expanding the use of renewable energy as a response to climate change. We will transition to maximum renewable energy in all our worksites. We are also advising our vendors to expand the use of renewable energy in their worksites to play a role in creating a healthy environment.

Sustainable Development Goals

Flexsol actively contribute to in all 17 SDGs. As a corporate citizen, we fulfill our social responsibility, deliver innovative products and services to world , and create economic, social, and environmental values. Our effort is to bring innovative technology and products that meet the needs of today's rapidly changing market. we took a ‘quality over quantity’ approach in setting and managing our sustainability management goals. We are actively working on climate change and its impact

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