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Outdoor Digital Kiosk

Today we need to think of an advertisement as a value exchange. We need to think of Ad’s as only applied if someone is offered something. Ad’s need to be provided after a customer has been given something. This is a normal case online with discounts and other promotions applied to the consumer as or before they even see the ad. In the past and even today, you will need to pay a toll to cross a bridge or ride on a nicer low traffic highway. This tole is part of the fee to get access to the value you want. That is a symbiotic relationship and not a one-way benefit that the old advertising models presented. The smart city kiosk offers a way in which to create an ecosystem that inherently offers value to many which benefits the advertiser.
Multiple parties are set to get value from these new smart city kiosks.

Our kiosks are designed for indoor as well as outdoor use and we can make them weather proofs

Value to the Citizen:

  • Tablet interfaces for secure internet browsing
  • Wayfinding
  • News / Widgets updated for citizens
  • Weather monitoring and air quality applications with temperature sensors and pollution detectors (CO2, NO2, CO, O3)

Value to the Advertisers:

  • Meet the citizen in the real world with a guarantee of no ad blocking
  • Get measurable results from display ad’s, banner ad, and click-through rates
  • Present in front of a targeted audience
  • Measure Demographics, Gender, and Age
  • Measure Mood of your audience for split testing
  • Get Social Data from WIFI social toll
  • Get tracked click data from landing pages on WIFI engagement and tablet homepage
  • Last and most importantly track dwell time. This means you will record the eye’s and how long they have looked at your AD along with mood

Value to City:

  • The city gets advanced controllable wayfinding
  • People Counting
  • Communication availability to citizens with smart widgets on kiosk
  • City gets community page
  • City gets community APP
  • The city gets revenue from KIOSK’s that can help it improve its digital offerings focused on smart city solutions
  • The city gets access to data about citizens which help them track events, retail needs, and more
  • Environmental tracking data

Smart City Kiosks are the foundation for this entire smart city process to occur and take advertising from a one-way value exchange to a one to many value exchange that impacts the local municipality, citizen, universities and on to counties, states, and eventually the entire country.
With these types of offerings, the citizen benefited by the new type of ad-based ecosystem which brings your brand into alignment with the citizens you are marketing towards.