Ericsson City Site


Ericsson City Site solution is a small cell site build solution with space for all necessary equipment and functions that radio sites in mobile networks require. This is self-contained, multi-application intelligent site that is aesthetically unique and functionally viable. The unique industrial design makes this blend in as well as stands out. It helps operators to deploy solutions on difficult-to-acquire sites as well as opening up new revenue opportunities.

The City Site solution is ideal to provide mobile broadband coverage at public places like shopping

malls, city centers, hospitals, airport terminals, metro stations & restricted places to build the sites with GSM, WCDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi technologies. This solution could also be used for input to distributed antenna system. The city site cabinet can support both indoor and outdoor application. City Site is also having societal applications such as interactive screen, LED clock and temperature functionalities as well as passive light box.

City Site product package consist of steel cabinet, fiber glass panels, TV/computer with touch screen ,clocks with temperature functionality, SMPS for ac/dc conversion, incoming AC PDU,LED light box, Fan, filters, interconnection power cables, climate unit and installation frame.

RBS, transmission, antenna, batteries, and related site material is not included in city site product package.