Outdoor LED Signages


Digital signage is becoming more and more popular in hotels, Malls, restaurants, transportation and Healthcare etc. Assisting customers with the information they need to realize their experience has become a major industry. It builds up an efficient communication platform between staff and customers. With digital signage networks, customers can easily access to all kinds of up-to-date information and entertaining programs easily. Administrators can update information centrally and immediately.

A versatile content composer with an intuitive interface which lets you materializes dynamic content as per requirement and minimizes the recurring cost. Whether its images, videos or audio; simply drag and drop on server workspace to create that impressive presentation you have been thinking of. Take control of your network and efficiently track operations whether it is a local or global network. What, when and where, all that you need to do becomes handy with this module. Instantly deploy your content across the local or global network to meet the ever changing scenarios.

Features :