Small Cell Pole

The exponential increase in number of mobile broadband users has led to a huge increase in demand for data services. The need for a reliable on the go mobile data connectivity is a necessity for the new age consumer. It is a key parameter which determines the customer satisfaction rating of a Telecom operator. To meet the increasing data traffic needs, the Telecom operators need a cost-effective solution to enhance the data capacity and coverage of their networks while minimizing their costs to stay competitive

Flexsol's Smart Small Cell Site solutions are designed to help wireless networks increase their capacity and coverage quickly by integrating a technical solution in an aesthetic package to mitigate the challenging zoning and permitting environments. Our Small cell are designed the thermal, cost efficiency and aesthetic requirements of multiple types of radios and environments. We can offer in a complete package solution like Power, Backup, Distribution Boards, Fiber distribution Box along with Pole and Concealment

When it comes to expanding your network in urban and suburban environments. Our bunch of innovative pole solution can address your specific situation and city aesthetics. Smart Small cell poles also provide significant reduction in the footprint of the site which further enhances its cost effectiveness.

Salient Features:

  • Lower cost points in comparison to larger cell infrastructure
  • Pole with inbuilt housing on the structure
  • Active and Passive Equipment’s can be housed inside the pole
  • Factory pre fitted with the electrical components and wirings
  • Smaller footprint, hence quicker to deploy