Roof Top Solutions

SRK's Roof Top Solution decreases the visible influence on aesthetics that a building's top creates in an urban setting. The Roof Top solution provide coverage services, which aids in avoiding societal rejection caused by infrastructure deployment on rooftops.

Square Wall Rooftop Solution:

Every single material that has been utilised complies with the Accurate Standards.

Avoiding Corrosion
Hot-dip galvanising is used to protect all steel items in compliance with current standards.

This concealed rooftop solution covers the pole and telecom Antenna system. This solution is available in different height ranging from 3m to 9m.

Circular Camouflaged Rooftop Solution:

The idea of this solution is to design the pole with colourful aesthetic & to hide the equipment system including Antenna and RRU with modular camouflage section.

Wind Loads
These towers' basic wind speed resistances are adjustable, and the product can be used regardless of the wind classification.