Compliance & Integrity


We are committed to fight to protect our earth from carbon emission.

As per SME climate hub, we fulfil our commitment to recalibrate our existing targets to align with a 1.5°C global warming scenario. So, we are actively working with our supply chain partners and eco-partners to reduce environmental impacts and carbon emissions.

Circular thinking is also a key aspect of our approach. Circularity is about working efficiently to avoid waste generation. As a manufacturer, we are committed to implementing a circular economy approach in our business. SRK actively working on material efficiency standards, including detailed requirements on design for recycling, reuse, and recovery.

SRK has been expanding the use of renewable energy as a response to climate change. We will transition to maximum renewable energy in all our worksites. We are also advising our vendors to expand the use of renewable energy in their worksites to play a role in creating a healthy environment.


Regarding corruption, SRK has a staunch zero tolerance policy. This guiding philosophy is ingrained at the highest levels of the company and put into effect using a wide range of procedures and regulations.

SRK is committed to conducting operations and activities in accordance with existing anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, which ban improper/ unethical payments to government officials. Any payment or benefit transferred to a go must be entirely transparent, adequately documented, and accounted for. Our supplier anti-corruption program is a crucial part of sustainability goals. The main goal of this program is to make sure that none of our suppliers and customer engage in unethical or corruptible behaviour or business practices.


Our workplace health and safety policy enable us to maintain the ideal working conditions for our staff. Everyone who works and work with SRK has a right to feel secure. Our business is dedicated to upholding the law and establishing a safe working environment. For supplier we envision a distribution network with zero OHS occurrences. As part of their contractual obligation to SRK, our suppliers must offer a secure and healthy workplace.


SRK follows Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System that understands its obligation to protect human rights and implement reasonable checks in all processes and supply chain to prevent sourcing directly or indirectly from war zones. SRK is committed to assisting customer in adhering to their disclosure obligations.

SRK takes the following precautions to guarantee that its products and parts do not include Conflict Minerals: