Video Analytics

This equipment is capable of counting and tracking every car, moving object and human that enters the premises of monitor area. It monitors available parking spots in a parking lot and notifies the proper authorities if it notices any suspicious behaviour or vehicle theft.

Video analytics makes sure that buildings or monitored area are always safe and clean by notifying the proper employees if it notices abandoned objects, elevator damage, or both. It also maintains track of how many people are in an elevator at any given moment. Utilizing facial recognition, this technology also serves as an attendance management system, keeping track of when personnel arrive and depart from the office. The personnel data is then conveniently inserted into a single central database, which eases the administrative strain.


Access Management
Protect the premises by using facial recognition to identify inhabitants or visitors, triggering warnings to detect unauthorized visits, and tracking questionable people or things.

Detecting Violence
Increase the security of your property by implementing this function, which detects crowds, vandalism, and one-on-one aggression and sends alarms.

Attendance Control
Edit employee shift schedules and manage the team to gain real-time insights into employee productivity and attendance, including tardiness, along with daily reports.

Detection of Intrusions
By seeing intruders in restricted elements of the site, keeping an eye on undesired things nearby, and setting out warnings in the case of suspicious activity, you may redefine safety and surveillance on your property.