About Us

"Leader in design and supply of all kinds of smart infrastructure solutions for global market"

We were Incorporated in 2004 and moved from a Telecom service-oriented organization towards leading in design, development and manufacturing of Telecom smart infrastructure solutions including Poles, Mounting solutions, Concealments, and Enclosures. We also have been serving with some of the global NEP’s exclusively for Smart Infrastructure as 3PP Products since 2013.

Why Us

Our major strength is into design and development from Concept to Commission and holds many designs registration and patents. We are known in the market for our design uniqueness and our value proposition. Owing to the company's long history in the domain, we understand the challenges being faced by the Operators at site on both Mechanical, Thermal and Active part of the installation, which enables us to be way ahead from other players in the market.


To be an innovative leader in intelligent infrastructure solution with focuses on Telecom, Smart Cities, AI/ML, SaaS Internet of Things platform, Kiosk, Smart homes & campus, and Solar mini grids.

Our Client