Hot Air Dynamizer

server cooling solutions

Our Hot Air Dynamizer is designed to enhance the circulation of air flow inside the IT equipment rack by sucking out the hot air towards hot aisle compartment to increase the operational efficiency and boost the cooling capacity of IT servers loaded inside the racks. This system can easily be integrated above server rack with adjustable tray clamp design.

We offer both fix speed and variable speed air circulation options as per customer need. System is capable to sense and operate independently


  • Simple to install and swap
  • A hot pocket ejector
  • Air dynamics shift at 70/90 degrees
  • Fan and control card that runs on 48Vdc

Technical Information:

Models Model HD7AC HD9AC HD7DC HD9DC
Max Airflow @Zero Static Pressure 720 960 CFM 720 960 CFM
Electrical Input Voltage 230 VAC -48 VDC
Avg. Power Rating 126W 168W 126W 168W
Mechanical Variable Speed Operation Available Available
PFC Alarm (Optional) High temperature and fan fail
Mounting Option Rack top mount with adjustable brackets
Material GI powder coated