Active Tile

active tiles

The Active Tile is retrofit product designed to increase the air flow from the false flooring towards the IT racks in Data Center with variable speed fans. This deployment is recommended and necessary to meet higher cold air requirement for high powered density racks.

The air balancing becomes challenging under following situations current scenario:

  • High power density racks deployed along with different density racks since different density racks need different CFM to operate.
  • Mixing of different air flow racks and devices, as the need is different suction points and direction
  • High power density racks installed with same server type from bottom to top of the racks, while the lowest server has higher proximity of air from perforated access floor tile/grill.

Technical Information:

Max Airflow @Zero Static Pressure 720 960 CFM 1440 CFM 720 960 CFM 1440 CFM
Electrical Input Voltage 230 VAC -48 VDC
Avg. Power Rating 126W 168W 252W 126W 168W 252W
Mechanical Variable Speed Operation Available Available
Tile Measurement 600 x 600 mm
Thickness ~100 mm
Weight ~10 Kgs
Load Capacity Composite Not Available
Point Load 1.5KN