Electrical Enclosure

We offer a large selection of lockable cabinet enclosures available, including galvanized steel enclosures, stainless steel door enclosures, all of which are meant to protect all under electronic items from dust, damage, water intrusion, and tampering. These wall mounted enclosures all have wall mounting brackets, internal mounting plates, a locking system, and a door seal, with an IP65 or IP66 rating depending on the design.

We can customize any IP rated cabinet enclosure or industrial wall enclosure as per Client specifications and customized as per client requirement

  • Unique electrical cabinets with practically endless choices for custom accessories
  • Sizes ranging from tiny junction electrical boxes to enormous different structures
  • Windows, air conditioning units, bespoke doors, insulation, lighting, fans, and other unique characteristics
  • Reverse engineering Prototyping
  • Building enclosures of any height, breadth, or depth
  • Consistent quality across the board, from a single enclosure to hundreds of them.

The offerings include screen printing, CNC machining, painting, punching, anodizing, and digital printing. Our experienced sales team is available to provide advice and estimates; please contact us on email at contact@flexsol.in.